Programs & Services

Dreamcatchers Empowerment Networkk, a 501(c)(3), helps clients explore their dreams of becoming employed and self-sufficient through programs in Butte, Contra Costa, Placer, Sacramento, Solano and Yolo counties. We work in cooperation with local businesses, organizations and agencies to provide the necessary services that offer our clients the opportunity to become permanently employed.

We assess our clients' employment strengths and weaknesses within a supportive and controlled environment; measure basic work skills, behaviors and interpersonal skills in a simulated environment; and provide specific training and tools in order make them employable in the competitive marketplace.

See a layout (PDF) of Dreamcatchers’ services and the counties in which these services are provided.


C L I E N T    S E R V I C E S
(Department of Rehabilitation Referred)

Vocational Assessment - Vocational Assessment service assesses information about a client vocational interests, abilities and values. This information identifies basic work skills, work habits, work tolerances, work behaviors, and interpersonal skills of clients. Often times a transferable skill analysis is completed to help identify a vocational goal.

External Situational Assessment - Dreamcatchers provides paid work experience through an external situational assessments; a community-based service used to identify each client's current level of employability. We place the client in a safe, supervised and supported real work environment within the community, with a Dreamcatchers staff member acting as the hands-on trainer for the client. Assessments identify strengths and barriers for a specific employment site in order to enhance job placement and retention.

Work Adjustment - Work adjustment programs are on an individual basis. We utilize real work situations to help clients understand the meaning, value and demands of a job and to establish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, and appropriate work behaviors that can lead to a successful and sustained employment experience. An individual work adjustment program is for clients who have been placed in a community-based job setting and are working with employees. This program identifies specific barriers to employment that the client will focus on during the work adjustment period.

Employment Preparation - These services prepare clients for employment with an organized, structured curriculum that provides training on an individual basis, including the development a resume, a master application and role playing interviews.

Job Development - We provide structured, systematic job development and placement services for clients. The client directs the job development process by specifying the general course of the job search, while Dreamcatchers conducts a targeted job search in order to accommodate individual client desires.

Job Coaching - We provide individual client assistance and support on or off the job for employment-related activities. This assists clients who are adjusting to a job and includes transportation training, onsite job orientation, hands-on training at the worksite and job task analysis.

Retention - After a client's job placement, employment specialists maintain employer contact to ensure client progress, employer satisfaction and job success. This includes telephone calls, personal visits or other means of contact to support the client's continued employment.


P R I V A T E    C O N T R A C T    S E R V I C E S
Dreamcatchers provides Employment Services and Paid Work Assessments through private contracts to governmental and private agencies throughout the counties in which services are provided. Some of those contracts include/have included:

Sparkpoint was developed by United Way, brings together free community resources to help families grow and prosper. The center is a one-stop location for a full range of services, including financial coaching, as well as programs that help families move up the career ladder, build assets and manage their credit. We work together to help achieve goals by offering such services as:

  • Find a job
  • Build your credit
  • Manage your credit
  • Go back to school
  • Get free tax help
  • Keep your home
  • Locate child care

Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network provides employment related services to the local community members of the Sparkpoint center. Our job developer offers employment workshops, employment counseling, and referrals to resources as well as placement opportunities to those individuals within the community. Clients receive one-to-one services with the Job Development staff in order to complete a resume and direct interview skills training. Clients will also work with the Job Developer to obtain job leads and placement assistance. Participants may be placed into educational, training or employment opportunities.

Regina Kaiser, Executive Director, sits on the Executive Committee for Sparkpoint Solano.

Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. – Private Facility Contracts
Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network was created in 2000 by Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. (California’s largest provider of mental health services) to provide services to people with mental health issues who were reintegrating into the community with the personal goal of independence.

Contracts currently exist between Dreamcatchers and ten (10) Crestwood facilities. These contracts cover resident wages for jobs performed within the facilities providing vocational training to help individuals become more marketable when transitioning back into the community. Residents work up to 6 hours per month in a variety of different positions within each facility.

Dreamcatchers services promote recovery through employment.

Butte County Behavioral Health (2015- Current)
Dreamcatchers began providing Supported Employment - Paid Work Experience to individuals receiving services through Butte County Behavioral Health in July 2015.

With a variety of positions available in-house with Butte County Behavioral Health, as well as those out in the community, individuals are able to gain skills and knowledge of working with the support of a Job Coach. Candidates submit an application for the open positions in which they are interviewed and once hired; they are able to hold the position for up to 9-months. Throughout the process, Dreamcatchers is providing feedback and support to prepare each individual for employment or assisting them to obtain volunteer experience.

The goal of the program is to build job skills and better prepare individuals for permanent, community-based employment.

Neighborhood of Dreams (NOD - an MHSA provider from 2007-2010), through Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. with subcontractor Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network (DEN), have joined to provide a highly structured integrated system of recovery-oriented services to support mental health clients in Solano County.

The service model includes:

  • Supported Education at Solano Community College campus
  • Adult education at the new Transition Age Youth (TAY) NOD site in central Solano County
  • Supported Employment on the Solano Community College campus and throughout Solano County providing supported work sites in the local city or community
  • Peer Specialist training
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) certification class which is the first Community College accredited class sanctioned by Mary Ellen Copeland PhD in the US.
  • Outreach and linkage to natural support and related agencies
  • Parent/Family Education

The NOD system of services provided these services to more than 1,000 adults in Solano County for two and a half years at Solano Community College. The NOD system has created a partnership which is based on like values and principles, a strong commitment to the clients, families and stakeholders of Solano County, outcomes driven services, and evidenced-based programs. This partnership was created to provide a seamless system of client directed recovery-oriented wellness services through the program.

Two landscaping projects were completed through NOD in collaboration with the Horticulture Program at Solano Community College including the “YES WE CAN” Playground located in the Children’s Center at Solano Community College and Potrero Hills Landfill.

The NOD services provided services to the TAY and have the only paid internships and work experience supported by a United Way of the North Bay grant for 2008-2009 and again for 2009-2010 through Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network. This makes this program relying on evidenced-based practice model of services the most cost-effective and sustainable program for the adults and youth of Solano County. Dreamcatchers will apply for additional United Way funding to support the growth of the AREC programs.

Solano County AB109 (2013-2014)
Dreamcatchers was contracted by Solano County to provide employment related services to those individuals referred by the Probation Department as part of the AB109 reentry program. Services were aimed at reducing recidivism by providing meaning roles through employment.
Services include employment preparation workshops, short-term paid work experience, plus one-on-one job placement assistance. Clients work with a Job Developer to complete a resume and interview skills training. Clients will also work with the Job Developer to obtain job leads and placement assistance. Clients are provided follow-up support for 90 days after placement has been obtained.